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The world's first renewable Bitcoin mining company to tokenize & list on tZERO - a global digital-asset exchange.


Why RenewaBlox?

Bitcoin Mining

Security Token Offering (STO)


Be a Bitcoin miner without purchasing
an ASIC or hosting. Choose your own level of investment.

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Instead of investing
in a
depreciating ASIC asset. Invest in an appreciating RenewaBlox security token.

Bitcoin Mining

100% Renewable Energy

Our 100% renewable energy will be sourced from a 10 MW solar facility built in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica.

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Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 19.28.32.png

Ideal location for solar-powered Bitcoin mining:

1) Bitcoin miners co-located with 10MW solar facility 

2) Exceptional solar irradiation

3) Close proximity to the equator - providing consistent annual solar coverage 


immersion cooling
Immersion cooling technology is the future of Bitcoin mining.

The physics does not lie - air is a very poor conductor of heat. Fluids are better, much better - dielectric fluids are 1200x more effective at removing heat than air. The temperature of the fluid can be thermostated to an ideal microclimate for ASIC operation.

Bitcoin is engineering-grade money - its future lies in an engineering-grade mining structure:

Overclock settings can be utilised all year round - up 60% increased hashrate

No air ventilation, conditioning or purification required - up to 35% reduction in electricity input

immersion cooler.png

Stable temperatures minimize invalid shares - up to 10% more shares

Enclosed environment gives 100% protection from dust & debris - maintenance costs & downtime almost eliminated

Stable temperatures & component lubrication will significantly increase ASIC lifespan - by up to 200%

bitcoin miner

 Up to 75 decibels of noise (a loud vacuum cleaner)

Power costs for 3.01
kWh draw

Antminer s19 XP
- $12,000

Maintenance costs & effort

Knowledge of mining pools & set-up

Mine at Home

Security Token


Choose your own level of investment & mine bitcoin hassle-free

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Security Token

Loss of Margin

Limited places available for new XP model - very competitive

Power costs for 3.01
kWh draw

Antminer s19 XP
- $12,000


External Hosting

ASIC asset


ASICS are a depreciating asset - with an average lifespan of 3-5 years. ASIC efficiency will also fall as newer models enter the market - ultimately rendering the asset unprofitable



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$23,400 - $36,600


Our RenewaBlox tokenomics ensure 25% of all mined BTC is reinvested back into company infrastructure. Adding value to your asset




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