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Every year, we waste billions of dollars of renewable energy due to ‘curtailment’ – an expensive process where excess power is deliberately lost or ramped down due to grid congestion.


Renewablox was formed to monetize that energy, wherever & however it’s produced. But we're also bringing new renewable energy online via sites that we acquire and develop ourselves.


By working with existing energy operators – or on our own developments – we can monetize power that would otherwise be wasted in a “plug and play” solution.

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Electrical Engineer

We do this by creating a profitable and near instant response baseload - literally right where the power is generated -  that can absorb excess power whenever it is produced. 


The single most efficient application to achieve this is Bitcoin mining, the process by which the global trillion dollar asset of Bitcoin is secured.


Renewablox simply brings renewable energy and Bitcoin mining together by providing a complete end-to-end service. We'll do everything from an initial assessment of viability, through to designing, installing and managing the solution on agreed commercial terms  by drawing on the expertise of our experienced team.

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